Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 01

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the first Dance Machine 5000 podcast. This is a new incarnation of older podcasts from DJ L.D (ElectroRage and Necropodcast). These will be the podcast version of my LDMX mix series. This is actually LDMX33 but in a nice podcast form.

  1. [:SITD:] — Beacon Of Hope
  2. Assemblage 23 — Darkflow
  3. Damien Poll — New Invasion
  4. A7IE — Bad Romance (Sundenfall Edit)
  5. iVardensphere — Ancients (BlakOPZ Summon Remix)
  6. Electrovot — Winter Day (Red Flag Mix)
  7. Radioaktivists — Pieces Of Me
  8. VNV Nation — Sentinel (Younger Gods Remix by Jade Puget from AFI)
  9. Modulate — Robots (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
  10. Wumpscut — Grobian
  11. Grendel — Wheels in Motion
  12. Miike Snow — Paddling Out (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
  13. Peter Heppner — Letter From Africa
  14. THYX — Into the Realm

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